Shared Journey Fertility Program

A gentle and effective approach to a conscious conception

Mercier Therapy is a soft tissue visceral manipulation therapy technique used to help and restore the health and general well being of the female pelvis. The goal of Mercier Therapy pelvic treatment is to decrease adhesions in and around organs, ligaments, muscles, joints and support structures of the pelvis, abdomen, hips and low back.

The Shared Journey Fertility Program was developed by Dr. Jennifer Mercier - an experienced integrative health care professional, educator and author as a gentle, safe and effective program to help with your fertility challenges.

Mercier Therapy completed an on-going 4 year medical study to show an 83% pregnancy success rate within one year of finishing the Shared Journey Program.  The study concluded in September 2012 and was published in Midwifery Today, Spring 2013.

This Program is designed to help you become an integral part of the healing process and on your way to a healthy pregnancy.  Many women are simply unaware and unprepared for the plethora of decisions they will face when confronted with fertility issues.

When Would Treatment Begin?

If you are currently undergoing IVF, our protocol would be initiated/completed prior to the stimulation portion of a medically assisted cycle. This is to help limit your number of cycles. No work will be done during ‘stim’ as it may disrupt the process and over stimulate the ovaries causing cancellation of the cycle. It is crucial to schedule your appointment well in advance of your cycle start. Our ultimate goal is to assist you physically and emotionally so you will enter your cycle with healthy pelvic organs, hormonal balance and a positive state of mind. Dr. Kekki will help you create an optimal environment within your pelvis and entire body to ensure a successful first IVF cycle.

You are encouraged to become educated, explore and better understand your own body’s rhythms prior to going through an IVF cycle. The Shared Journey program will help you recognize natural signs of fertility. Building a solid foundation is a healthy non-invasive solution to many fertility problems. We are often surprised so many women come to us with a misunderstanding of signs of fertility as well as relegating to the normality of the concrete/cement-like tension we feel when palpating their abdomen on the first consultation. Our program is woven specifically to meet the needs of the individual clients and offer a great chance at building your families.

Our Natural Fertility Treatment Program (without IVF)

Some families choose the Shared Journey Fertility Program as a stand alone regime without undergoing ‘In-Vitro Fertilization’ for many personal reasons as well as potential health implications of other more conventional methods. One of the most common reasons is the little/limited insurance coverage for IUI/IVF (which is very expensive out-of-pocket, costing around $12,000 per attempt) or for those people making the choice to go for a more natural approach to their pregnancies. No matter your choice we are here with you during the entire process.

Overview of the Fertility Treatment

Your first visit will include a comprehensive history and evaluation of your pelvic organs and hip/lower back mobility. Your forms must be filled out and completed before you arrive at our office. Take time and careful consideration when filling out these documents.

Expect to spend around 90 minutes with us so we will  have plenty of time to explain the program. The second visit will start the Shared Journey Fertility Program and your first pelvic therapy treatment.  Be sure to bring your calendar as we will want to schedule your dates for the remainder of the treatment sessions.

We will be teaching you how to monitor your cycles for LH surge so we encourage you to purchase the Clear Blue ovulation predictor strips with the smiley face. These are the best and most accurate. 

You are never alone with this, we are always here to assist you and answer any questions. Being your support through the entire process all the way to a happy and healthy conception is our priority.  Please contact our office for an initial consultation to see if the Mercier Therapy: Shared Journey Fertility Program is right for you.

Watch a video of Jennifer Mercier explaining Mercier Therapy here.

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Shared Journey Fertility Program

October 17, 2015

Dr. Kekki,

I wanted to take the time to say “Thank You” for all that you have done for my husband and me.  We are truly blessed that we came across your services prior to completing our first IUI in hopes of getting pregnant.  From the initial stages I was coming in for (massage therapy and a little chiropractic work) to completing the Mercier Therapy with you, it was all such a great experience. 

Mercier Therapy was something extremely unique to me and I was intrigued by the high success rates of getting pregnant using a more holistic approach.  My goal was to avoid using as many drugs as possible to get pregnant and I truly believe my sessions with you using Mercier Therapy was the best and the reason my very first IUI was successful.  I am currently pregnant with TWINS and just finished my first trimester yesterday!

I appreciate your compassion and dedication you have to support women like me in this journey.  I learned quite a bit about life going through this process with you and always appreciate you coming in to the office to accommodate my ever changing traveling work schedule. 

If you ever need anything from me, please do not hesitate to call me.  I will be highly recommending you to all my friends and family that is in need of your services. 

Many thanks!

Trusha Patel-Aleks.

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Infertility is more common than you expect.  About 1 in 8 U.S. couples have trouble getting or staying pregnant.1 The recognition of infertility as a disease by major health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), has changed the dialogue surrounding the topic.2 In line with this change, it’s time to interrupt the current conversation and ensure that these discussions include the real facts, and not the age-old myths and misperceptions that are often shared.

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