Pre/Post Natal and Fertility

Caring for the health of your children before they are born

In today's world, Moms and dads are choosing more natural methods for the health and well-being of their children and families. Wellness chiropractic care before and during pregnancy is a pertinent tool in preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. The doctor of chiropractic is the only healthcare professional that acknowledges and supports you and your baby’s inborn ability to express your own wellness. 

Preconception Advice  

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, your Doctor of Chiropractic would encourage you to begin the dialogue six months to even a year before you are ready to have a family. Physical, chemical and emotional stressors can affect conception and the quality of your pregnancy.  

Dr. Kekki is knowledgable in the area of epigenetics (the study of chemical reactions and the factors that influence them) and nutrigenomics (the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression), where she will provide education, nutritional and supplemental advice and may order genetic and micronutrient testing for both partners preparing to conceive. 

Steps to Wellness

Recognize that healthy pelvic function is vital for your baby’s development.  While developing in-utero, your child will undergo tremendous growth and development as they prepare to enter this world. Your baby’s brain and nervous system is the first to develop following conception. The spine and skull, which is the housing that protects this vital master controller, develops later. Even before conception or during pregnancy a woman’s pelvic bones may lose their normal position or ability to move causing interference to their nervous system (pelvic subluxation).  

A Wellness Mama

Even more than just good nutrition and less stress, the well-being of your spine and nervous system influences the development of the baby. Preconception and prenatal chiropractic care for you can mean less morning sickness, less low back pain and an improved quality labor, delivery and recovery.  More importantly, it supports the integrity of your pelvic function, which includes the uterus, the muscles, the ligaments, and the interfacing of the nervous system with fetal development consequently preparing for a healthy delivery and best possible recovery.  Caesarian sections are often avoided when an expectant mom seeks this type of care and lifestyle throughout her pregnancy.

Dr. Kekki has been trained to evaluate and care for you during this important time adapting her technique to meet your specific needs. Not only do you benefit, but so does your developing baby.